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Create it

Personalize the gift card and set a starting amount and deadline

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Invite family, friends, and co-workers to add $$ to the gift card

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Give it

Once everyone has contributed, email, text or print the gift card

Frequently Asked Questions

How does group gifting work?

You set the starting gift amount by telling us what you want to contribute yourself, and we will send you a link to send to each member of your group. They can add to the gift until the deadline you set. Before the deadline, we’ll send you a reminder, and you can change the deadline to a later time and send reminders to your group, or you can choose to send the gift card immediately via email or a link, or print it yourself. The person who receives the gift card will see the total amount and any messages.

Will you remind me when the deadline is near?

We will send you an email when the deadline is near so that you can see what was added to the gift total, and you will be able to extend the deadline to allow your group more time to give.

Will the person who receives the gift card know who gave what amount?

Sorry, the recipient is not going to know that you are the big spender. The recipient will only see the final total amount on the gift card and any gift messages that you and members of your group have added.

Is there a limit to the group size?

There is no limit to the group size: give as a group of 2 or as a group of 1,000.

Gift Preview:

You have been given a $0 gift card to
Boiler House at Pearl

$ 0 Boiler House at Pearl Logo
Amount Gift card Number
$0 00000000000000
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Please provide the recipient's name.

What is the deadline to contribute?*

Please select a deadline. Please select a deadline between 9am and 4pm.

Note: We suggest that you set the deadline to 2pm at the latest to ensure delivery by 5pm. When the time expires, you can email, text, or print the gift.

Please select a gift template.

Allow everyone to sign their own names and include a personal message?

Other individuals in your group will see this message and can make their own.

Starting gift card amount (your contribution)*

Please select a starting gift amount.

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Balance Inquiries

For balance inquiries call the phone number to a Boiler House At Pearl's location listed here.